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At first sight, Resie Schlooz’ work strikes with an enigmatic aura as a method of applying material resembling the organic deposition of sediments rather than deliberate manipulation, however, a closer look reveals its deeply emotional nature. The main theme throughout her work can be described as the aftermath of an explosion and its profound impact, which for Schlooz seems to picture the different sides of the emotions of life. She channels this concept through the use of upcycled materials, giving new purpose to elements that through circumstance find themselves separated from their original context.


Responding with strong sentiment to what she encounters, she reflects on her experiences through her work. First and formost, Resie defines herself as a world traveler who shaped her character through time spent in China, Africa, Colombia, France and Curacao. Next to the long periods abroad, a life-altering incident had considerable influence on her artistic career. In 2002, Schlooz got whiplash due to a car accident. It forced the course of her everyday life into years of revalidation. However difficult it may have been, perhaps it was also the best thing that ever happened to her as it helped her find her purpose through art. 



23 NOV '22 - 16 JAN '23 Expo De Loft Den Haag


SEP 2022 - Kunstroute Leiden - Gallerie YOMOOKA Leiden
SEP 2022 - Kunstwedstrijd Sieboldhuis Japanmuseum Leiden Schoonheid van imperfectie 

 OCT 2022 - Expositie Winnaars Arti -shockprijs  Gallerie Arti-shock Rijswijk

JUN 2022 - Keramiekdagen Delft

NOW - Gewoon Chiropractie Exposition with more than 25 works

NOW - Huszar Delft

MAR 2022 - Art Route KOPS

MAR 2022 - Groupexpo KOPS Muzee Scheveningen

FEB 2022 - Rijswijk library- Souvenirs- objects Delft Blue with ceramist Ellen Rijsdorp

DEC 2021 - Gallery Arti-Shock Kunstcadeau

DEC 2022 - Article -Delft op zondag- newspaper about my installation of Delft blue in Delft

NOV 2021 - Gallery Arti shock Rijswijk Nominated for Arti shock price 2021

NOW 2021 - De ontmoeting gemeentehuis Delft -installation Delft blue

SEP 2021 - Gallery Martins atelier- Brussel 

OCT 2021 - Pop up -the Art of shopping  70 works on display Wassenaar

SEP 2021 - Expo -Gewoon Chiropractie Scheveningen

NOV 2019 - De Opkikker The Hague- exposure small works the sea takes the sea gives

MAR 2019 - Pop-up Amsterdam stories -nieuwe spiegelstraat

MAR 2019 - Expo Museum Muzee

JAN 2018- Gallery Kops- Scheveningen theme the Sea gives the Sea takes

JAN 2018- Curacaotime- book-

JAN 2018 - GroupExpo Arti-Shock Museum Rijswijk

OCT 2017 - 10×3 Groepsexpositie Presentatie studio, Jacobine van Beurden Den Haag

NOV 2016 - Installation ceramic /Nature garden Gallery Landhuis Bloemhof 


Artishockprice 2015

First price - Wat ik vier - KOPSwedstrijd 2015

Jury Museum Muzee, Museum Beelden aan zee, Gallery Sophie Maree



Arti shockprise 2021

Japan Museum Leiden wedstrijd four seasons 2014


Gallerie Yomooka Leiden


Gallery Art-Shock (Rijswijk)

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